Trello vs Comparing the Best Project Management Tools 2023

In fact, Gartner expects spending on social and collaboration platforms to rise 17% this year to $4.5 billion, with spending on work management platforms being the biggest driver. By now you’ve gotten a better picture of how powerful Trello can be for completing and collaborating on projects. Our Power-Up makes collaborating with Trello faster, easier, and more fun by allowing you to attach your visuals to cards. Zight lets you communicate visually by making it easy to create GIFs, screen recordings, and annotated screenshots. The Card Repeater Power-Up enables you to set regular tasks on repeat such as weekly meetings, regular bookkeeping, or password updates. Whether you’re pulling in files from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or any other location, it all gets stored neatly inside the card you attach it to.

  • We find Trello to be a platform that offers incredible value, especially for the many features included in the free version.
  • However, you’ll note that while includes phone support, Trello only affords users personal support via email or community forums.
  • Keep in mind that the free version of Trello only allows you to use one Power-Up at a time.
  • Each card has an activity section where you and your team will be able to keep track of your work.
  • Trello’s interface looks very similar to a mobile application and is very user-friendly.

That way, it will be smooth sailing from the moment your guests arrive. Trello also offers a house hunting template, which has lists for Craigslist, Potential, Contacted, and No—which would be suitable for finding a place to rent too. Finding a new place to live and moving into it is always an ordeal, and it’s 100 times more stressful when you’re trying to sell a home or buy a property . Trello can at least help you stay organized throughout the process. Cassidy also uses Trello to plan content, with lists for Scheduled, To Schedule, To Make, and more.

Business Class

Trello is a web-based, kanban-style, list-making application and is developed by Trello Enterprise, a subsidiary of Atlassian. Created in 2011 by Fog Creek Software, it was spun out to form the basis of a separate company in New York City in 2014 and sold to Atlassian in January 2017. Images, copy, and comments nest neatly into each task for easy reference. We call all of this information bundled together a Trello card.

What is a Trello used for

Cards keep all of the information your team needs organized and in one place. Start as simple as To Do, Doing, or Done—or build a workflow custom fit to your team’s needs. For individuals or small teams looking to keep work organized. For teams that need to manage more work and scale collaboration. The planning phase comprises research, establishing goals, and mapping out the strategies for the entire project.

Adding a Due Date

The Gold tier is designed for individuals looking to have access to more Trello features for a lower price. Gold functions include the option to use up to three Power-Ups on any of your boards and custom backgrounds. You can also upload trello for software development files up to 250MB, rather than the 10MB included in the free version. You can use one Power-Up, and change the color of your backgrounds in the free version. You can also upload files to 10MB, and include links to assets on each card.

InVision – This integration allows teams to paste InVision links to Trello cards giving members a preview of their work. Trello integrates with apps like Slack, Salesforce, Evernote, and so much more. Integrating can be helpful for teams, as it meets their unique business needs. Custom Fields- This power-up gives your cards more context.

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Trello is great for companies or individuals who have a number of tasks running at once and who need to be able to track their progress. It puts the onus of completing tasks on the user and helps reduce the chance of “forgotten” assignments. One of the reasons so many companies have chosen to use it over other project management tools is the fact that it is streamlined in comparison to other software.

However, Enterprise is the better choice if you’re concerned about Trello privacy and security on your account and have a larger team. Share – While you don’t need a team to take advantage of Trello, Trello pairs well with teams to keep everyone on top of assignments. Visually appealing – Unlike using a boring tool like Google Sheets, Trello is laid out in a more aesthetic manner. How-To Backblaze Cloud Backup Review – Updated 2023 Backing up your data to the cloud via an automated service is critical.

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Alongside Trello, Asana and Monday completed IPOs in the past year, at valuations of $4 billion and $7.5 billion, respectively. Other competitors include Workfront (by Adobe for $1.5 billion) and Wrike (by Citrix for $2.25 billion). Microsoft’s task management tool, Planner, is a stronger competitor of Trello. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process. As for Tasks itself, its greatest strength is simultaneously its greatest weakness.

What is a Trello used for

It can also be confusing, so we’ve unpacked some of the most common Agile terms for you.Productivity – 5 Minute Read What is toxic productivity? And 5 tips to overcome it Learn what toxic productivity is, and read expert tips on how to beat overworking. And since there isn’t a complicated onboarding process, you can take existing Trello and Confluence accounts and cinch them together today.

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And with Tasks increased functionality — at least over Reminders — users can incorporate more detail in their notifications. If you didn’t convert your Reminders yourself, they should already have been converted to Tasks automatically, by Google. The one exception is reminders on Keep, which will stay on Keep, but won’t show up in your Google Calendar anymore.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how to actually use Trello in your business. Find out more about Trello’s Pricing options by visiting their pricing page along with their special offering for non-profit and educational institutions. This brings Trello’s visual workflow to a whole other level. This makes it possible to collaborate on your documents and tasks simultaneously with ease. You’ll be alerted when someone leaves a comment, adds a due date, moves the card, or does anything else important. Attachments enable you to keep all the resources you need to get your tasks done in one place.

Create template Trello boards

It uses a familiar Soon, Next, Queued Up, Currently Doing, and Done lists structure; labels for type of media; and checklists with metadata, such as links to related articles. Check out his post for complete instructions on his system or grab his Trello board template to start using it yourself. Trello and Basecamp have some important distinctions from one another, but they’re often compared to each other. While Trello focuses more on collaboration and creating tasks with teams, Basecamp is more client-facing and offers tools to help employees communicate about the state of tasks. Basecamp also allows for easy file and document sharing, though Trello does offer this as well.