Customer retention basics, 8 strategies, and metrics

Each level brings customers a little closer to the business by rewarding them for a continuous relationship. The purpose of each marketing activity throughout this model is to develop long-term relationships with customers. Luxury hotels are known for their heritage of high-touch, exclusive customer service. The Four Seasons is able to expand that feeling of luxury to every customer through its combination of technology and white glove service. The longer the time, the longer it takes your customers to make the purchase decision, signifying that customers are not convinced of your products’ value right off the bat.

It is proven that fantastic customer service is more effective than quality products & services. You may have some luck with your brand but if you can provide the best customer service, responding to their query one to one can easily increase customer retention more than anything else. So effective customer service is considered as the best example & strategy to retain customers. Referral programs can improve customer acquisition and retention by rewarding repeat customers for giving you new ones.

Social responsibility programs

Patagonia operates several programs that make their customers feel like they’re making a difference, just by purchasing the brand. These programs include Worn Wear for garment repair and recycling, Patagonia Action Works for supporting grassroots activists, and they also provide environmental grants. These are great opportunities that you can use to set expectations, engage customers, and increase your customer retention rate. The people on the receiving end of these ads made purchases on your site, making social targeting a valuable tool for your customer retention strategy. Customers compliment your store on social, thank them for the kind words and then share their love with the rest of your followers – this is a great customer retention strategy. Customer loyalty program should be an integral part of your customer retention system.

customer retention strategies

So make sure that you provide your customers with an honest experience when they’re shopping from you. Whether that be through faulty products, confusing returns policies, unknown charges, or something else, people are quick to lose trust nowadays. When it comes to customer acquisition, so much of the targeting that online store owners do on Facebook is guesswork, at least initially. In short, you understand everything about your store because you’re the one who invented it.

Over deliver on your promises

Beyond support, some retailers also use omnichannel experiences to connect their customer’s online, mobile and in-store visits. For example, UGG uses Zendesk to manage their “Click and Collect” and “Click and Reserve” programs. These services let customers buy boots online and have them shipped to their local store or reserve stock in-store before purchasing. Now that you know how to calculate the retention rate, let’s look at the top-notch strategies for customer retention you can employ to improve the rate and make your customers happy. Customer retention refers to the ability of a company to maintain a healthy flow of repeat business/purchases and retain its loyal customers. Serving as the lead content strategist, Snigdha helps the customer service teams to leverage the right technology along with AI to deliver exceptional and memorable customer experiences.

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Communicate With Your Customers

One such example would be to allow ample time to create momentum for a new product line or new features for an existing one. By discovering what delights and motivates your most loyal customers, you can then attempt to replicate it. Whether you’re a B2C business or agency looking to improve your customer retention rate, here are 13 strategies from the experts that work.

customer retention strategies

It is also the lifeblood of most subscription-based companies and service providers. If you don’t see any growth in the percentage of the revenue, you need to rethink your customer retention strategies to boost the revenue generated from the existing customers. Not only do your loyal customers help you get more sales and revenue, but they also give you more leverage to grow your business via word-of-mouth marketing. It’s also a great predictor of customer loyalty and trust for a longer time. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence-powered computer program that uses natural language processing to decipher customer inquiries and provide automated responses. This stimulates informational exchange, which hyperpersonalizes the online CX while collecting user data.

Benefits of Customer Retention Marketing

AI chatbots also suggest or prompt customer actions that lead them to their desired resources. These processes help customers achieve their site visitation and purchasing goals, and build brand reliability, trust and loyalty, which increases CRR. These incentives help collect detailed customer data which allows your business to offer more personalized experiences and messaging. Consumer researchers Joseph Nunes and Xavier Dreze are known for their studies on the Endowed Progress Effect. Their results have conclusively shown that the biggest pitfall in preventing customer loyalty programs from succeeding is getting people started. In their well-known car wash study, participants were twice as likely to finish loyalty cards when they were automatically started as soon as they signed up.

Returning ecommerce customers drive revenue growth – PR Newswire

Returning ecommerce customers drive revenue growth.

Posted: Tue, 11 Jul 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Poor customer service would convince 39% of people never to use a company again and 37% to change suppliers, according to research from New Voice Media. Neal noted his ecommerce website uses Shopify, which provides retention data like which consumers are returning and how many times those customers order. Use these surveys to better understand what is and isn’t working in the customer experience.

​​Purchase frequency rate

So, since you need to deliver an exceptional experience and exceed customer expectations, it’s smart to under-promise so you can offer more than that. Not only this, you can also use the data from quizzes meant for product recommendations to provide better purchase options that customers find relevant every time. New visitors or customers are more hesitant to purchase from a new brand because they have no experience with your return or exchange process. One way to combat such reservations is to clearly state the return & exchange policies on your website or the product page.

  • For example, after purchasing a jacket from Arc’teryx, I received this email dedicated to finding the perfect jacket.
  • Customer retention rate is the percentage of existing customers a company keeps over a certain period.
  • Getting a customer to buy again is just a part of a customer retention strategy—servicing them is another thing.
  • They make you aware of what customers say about you and your services.

As they have more options available to them than ever before, go the extra mile and offer them something invaluable — like a free educational program. Just because your customer has made a purchase from you doesn’t mean you should stop trying to close the deal. Coca-Cola had a 70-day campaign around the 2012 Summer Olympics, and part of this was their customer retention „Coca-Cola Beat Generator“ app. This experience brought together music, sports, and the Coca-Cola brand. If your brand is more friendly than this, you can still put some fire behind your story and create a rally effect. For every pair of shoes that are purchased, it gives a pair to people in need, thus far donating over 60 million pairs of new shoes.